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A Peek at Success

After the oil boom, the world's largest school provided everything the students needed. Uniforms, instruments and transportation to and from the games was provided free of charge. Students were given the opportunity of a lifetime. Come take a look at the amazing accolades in every category as you stroll through the accolades section of the Gaston Museum

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The Journalistic Journey

With the financial freedom to provide the best teachers in the country, the Gaston School did just that. Journalism was and still is one of the great success stories. Writers of newspapers, yearbooks, poetry, creative writing, novelist and short stories went on to be successful in their fields. We host a wide variety of their works here in our media room.

Sports,Sports and More Sports

There are so many more sports than you normally see recognized but at Gaston School, all sports were important. With the luxury of oil money, the school provided all equipment, uniforms and the best coaching possible. Awards were won in every sport played. Tennis, Track, Baseball, Softball, Basketball and Football.  We have a multitude of Accolades for them all.

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