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We Rely on Your Generosity

Memberships Available

We rely on you! Without the generous contributions made by our supporters, we could not share the past with the future.

Join us in preserving the history of Life Before and After the East Texas Oil Boom!

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Museum Fundraising

Why Platinum ?

As a special gift for our 2022 Platinum Pipeliners ($1000 lifetime membership), we are offering real pieces of our Alma Mater!  We are designing a limited edition, beautifully framed shadow box with a genuine piece of the Gaston auditorium stage where many of you performed in the Band, choir or drama club; where Elvis crooned in 1955; and where every Gaston graduate received their diploma.     

Our 2022 Gold Pipeliners ($500 Membership) will receive two genuine Gaston School / White’s Cafe tokens, mounted in a beautifully  appointed frame with the artifacts’ history.  Like many retailers in the 1940s, the Whites offered these tokens to patrons for future discounts, as a promotional tool and to help their customers during wartime.  

Membership at every level supports the growth and vitality of our Museum and is much appreciated!  All members receive a discount on Gaston merchandise and a subscription to the Gaston Heritage.  See gifts for other memberships below.

Membership and Benefits

Join the Pipeliners Club Today

Don’t miss out on our exclusive events, discounts and classes. Members are always the first to know whenever there is a new event or an exhibition.                       

Fall Membership Drive - Gaston Museum

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2022 Annual Memberships:     (rates effective July 31, 2021)

PLEASE CHECK ONE:   Merchandise

Annual Memberships:   Dues     Discount       

  • Individual                 $20        5%   

  • Family                       $25         5%   

  • Friend                       $50        10% 

2022 Pipeliner Club:    Dues     Discount       Added Benefits:

  • Pipeliner Bronze   $100         15%              Gaston Cookbook or Daisy Bradford Ornament

  • Pipeliner Silver     $300         20%             Life in the ETX Oilfield book or TShirt 

  • Pipeliner Gold       $500         25%              Framed Gaston/Snack Shop tokens

  • Pipeliner Platinum $1000     30%              Lifetime Membership & Gaston stage item

Pay for your membership using the PayPal link OR: Call our Treasurer at 903-658-4320 to pay with your credit card.

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